Our Board and Staff

The companies listed below have generously subscribed to the Society’s funds in the year 2017/2018   As a result, they have been awarded Corporate Membership in the categories shown.




Belhaven Brewery/M. Pubs               Matthew Clark Wholesale                Ardagh Glass

Diageo G.B.                                          Edrington Group                               Carntyne/Russell Group

Wm. Grant & Sons                              Eurostampa                                        Graphic Packaging

Heineken/Star Pubs                             Maxxium U.K. Ltd.                             Guala Closures

Pernod Ricard/Chivas                        MCC Labels                                         McLaren Packaging

Tennents/Wm. Magners Ltd.             Molson Coors                                       Punch Taverns

XPO Logistics                                      Multi Packaging Solutions                 Saica Packaging

                                                                Smurfit Kappa Group                        

                                                                Whyte & Mackay




Accolade                                               Connect Appointments                      Montpeliers

Allied Glass                                          Croxson                                                 O-I Sales

A.G. Barr Plc.                                       John Dewar & Sons                            Rescu Solutions

Best Cellars                                           Distell                                                     Shepherd Neame

The BIG Partnershio                           Dunns Food and Drink                       Signature Pubs

Brightwork Recruitment                    H.Erben                                                 Simply Cartons

Caledinian Heritable                           Halewood                                             D.S. Smith Packaging

Carlsberg                                               Inverarity Morton                               TLT Solicitors

CCL Labels                                          Inverarity Morton                                  UCP

Cellar Trends                                        IPL International                                 Vassi Group

Coca Cola                                             Jeagermeiser                                         Gavin Watson Ltd.

                                                                Loch Lomond Group                          Winter & Co.



Alliance Wine                                      George Hotel, Inverary                            NSD

Bacardi                                                  Glenhaze                                               Plastic Keg Company

Beamglow                                             Gordon & MacPhail                           Procurus Scotland

Beam Suntory                                      J.W. Gray                                              Rankin Bros.

Bluefin                                                   Holdfast Entertainment                     Ramondin

Brewers Assoc. of Scotland              Iggesund                                                Reprobrand

Broughton Ales                                    International Beverage Brands            Saverglass

Cairngorm Hotel                                  Lisini Pub Group                                 S.L.T. News

Ceader Ltd.                                           Mediaworld                                        Stoelzle Flacconage

City Refrigeration                                Iain McLeod & Co.                                Strand Paper & Board

Contact Holdings                                 Miller Brands                                        Suburban Taverns

Elanders                                                Moet Hennessy                                   Tomatin Distillery

Fenner Paper                                        Nixon Consultants                               Thomas Tunnock

J.W. Filshill Ltd.                                  North British Distillery                               TRM Packaging

                                                                .                                                              Van Genechten Packaging

                                                                                                                                West Brewery




These categories do not include donations to raffles, prize draws etc. and Directors’ time which is given on a voluntary basis.

Platinum – Over £10,000, Gold £5,000 - £9,999, Silver £2,500 - £4,999, Bronze £1,000 - £2,499, Member Up to £1,000



Stephen McGowan 

TLC Solicitors 



J. Hutchison


TRUSTEES                                                                                                                                        APPOINTED


L. COONEY                                                        Lucie Cooney Trade Marketing Consultants               2014

S. McGOWAN                                                    TLT Solicitors                                                              2015

J. HUTCHISON                                                  Heineken U.K. Ltd.                                                      2016

C. COSH                                                            Signature Pubs                                                            2016

D. McGOWAN                                                    Broughton Ales                                                           2016

                                                                            P. Risk Diageo                                                           2018

                                                                            C. Conaghan Edrington-Beam Suntory,                    2018

                                                                            A. Hart Brown-Forman Beverages                             2018




Paul Waterson




CHRIS GARDNER                            

79 West Regent Street, Glasgow G2 2AW

Telephone: 0141 353 3596

Fax: 0141 353 359

E-MAIL chris@bensoc.org.uk

Website www.bensoc.org.uk




R. MACSWEEN                                                                   Glasgow and West Of Scotland

J. GRIERSON                                                                               North Scotland

 A. MOORE                                                                                    Glasgow and West Of Scotland

 P. BURNS                                                                                     East of Scotland

G. REDDINGTON                                                                Southern Scotland

A. BARNET                                                                          North of Scotland

H. McKAY                                                                            Central Scotland

S. MILLAR                                                                           Edinburgh and Borders

J. CAMERON                                                                       Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Southern Scotland





The Ben Visitors

All visitors have either worked in the trade or husband’s worked in the trade, they visit beneficiaries two to three times a year to make sure they are keeping well and for some social contact with some of our  beneficiaries who are sometimes lonely. 

  • George McLaren
  • Alex Carnie
  • Alex Barnet
  • Hunder McKay
  • Sandra Millar


Our Staff

The BEN’s Chief Executive is Chris Gardner, who is the only full time employee of the charity, the Trustees give their time on a voluntary basis.

Chris has worked for the BEN for 30 years and if you call the office, she is the one who answers the phone.  The advantage of having just one person in the office is that applications for assistance get actioned immediately, as speed is essential when dealing with desperate situations.

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Recent News

stephen mcgowan
The BEN appoints Stephen McGowan as president

The BEN appoints Stephen McGowan as president


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